The Future
is Here
Brutus V9 Starting at $32,490

The Brutus V9 is dressed for the street and leaves no doubts as to power or comfort with a massive 9” DC motor and up to 33kwh of energy storage. The V9 comes standard with Corbin bodywork and seating, which provide for ample storage in the bags and a comfortable ride on your backside. A wind-tunnel tested Corbin nose fairing rounds out the V9 package with its classic fleetliner style.

Performance & Style
with Attitude to Spare
Brutus 2 Starting at $19,990

The Brutus 2 is a full-sized motorcycle whose essence stays true to our brand commitment of quality and power. Aimed at the solo rider, this bike will get you around town with attitude to spare.

Want Coffee?
The Dark Side of Brutus 2
Brutus 2 Café Starting at $19,990

The Brutus 2 Café is a throwback to a time when racing was born out of sheds and garages worldwide. Whether you make it to a track or ride it around town like a hooligan, the feel and style are captured with this retro-styled bike. Sporting 21st century technology, the Brutus 2 Café evokes a nostalgic feeling and increases your pulse, all while keeping you away from those old fashioned pumps.

The V2 Rocket
Bombing a Track Near You in 2014
Brutus V2 Rocket Starting at $26,490 (estimate)

Bell Custom Cycles has developed its V2 Rocket motorcycle to unleash on racetracks and streets around the world. Developed for club racing and track duty, the V2 has a street option that puts “just enough” on it to be street legal and at a price that just makes sense. Our V2 is ready for street war and more then capable of taking the fight right to the front door of gas machines. When you launch your own V2, you’ll have no doubt that this powerful rocket will pummel the competition. Full fairings, track style paint jobs, and an extensive option list put the Brutus V2 Rocket in the winner’s circle on the track or around your local biker hangout.